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Todays Specials
JS3354 Glacier Pools of Turquoise Jewelry Set
$95.00 $76.00
JS3282 Beaded Plume Feather Jewelry Set
$95.00 $76.00
JS3265 Curling Path Jewelry Set
$79.00 $63.20
JS3222 School of Nature Jewelry Set
$68.00 $54.40
JS3191 Sparkling Pathway Jewelry Set
$53.00 $42.40
JS3114 Elegant Smoky Looking Glass Jewelry Set
$74.00 $59.20
JS3029 Curlicued Cerulean Heart Jewelry Set
$64.00 $51.20
JS2622SC Western Lace Copper Trimmed Classic Heart Jewelry Set
$63.00 $50.40
ER3417 Roped Lt Blue Stone
$37.00 $29.60
ER3391 Blue Cluster CZ
$53.00 Add to cart to see price
ER3374CZ Glittered Feather CZ
$37.00 $29.60
ER3317 Turquoise Oval Dangle
$37.00 $29.60
ER3280 Swirl Post CZ Oval
$37.00 $29.60
ER3232 CZ Silver Hoop Clasp
$53.00 $42.40
ER3218 Turquoise Round Mini
$37.00 $29.60
ER3212TQ Turquoise Roped Mini
$32.00 Add to cart to see price
ER3197 CZ Roped Pear Dandle
$40.00 Add to cart to see price
ER3191 Rope CZ Cascade
$32.00 $25.60
ER2765 Star Lights Three Tiered Raindrop Earrings
$37.00 $29.60
BC3439 Brilliant Horseshoe Cuff Bracelet
$47.00 $37.60

Due to extremely limited quantities, if an item is no longer available at the time of shipment, we will send an email and make note on the packing slip.
Your invoice and shipping totals will be adjusted accordingly.